Welcome to the See Villa

The Tacoli family

In 1976, Anton Tacoli took over the management of the See Villa hotel. Under his direction, extensive renovations were carried out while many new features were added. One of his first projects was the remodeling of the restaurant. While doing theses renovations, particular care was taken to preserve the original design of the building which was developed by the renowned architects Mayreder and Köchlin.

Many of the guest rooms were turned into spacious, elegant suites of the highest comfort while the boathouse was transformed into a spa. Marchese Anton Tacoli wanted to give his guests the same experience that guests received at the time the See-Villa was founded . For this reason, the materials used during the renovation were sourced chiefly from around the Millstatt area while textiles were imported from Italy.

Familie Tacoli
Familie Tacoli
Team Tacoli

Friendly atmosphere

Our philosophy

For many generations, the Tacoli family has been at the helm of the See Villa country house. Following the death of Anton Tacoli in January 2015, ownership of the hotel was passed on to the next generation who run it with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication. As well as its architecture and history, what sets the See Villa apart from other hotels is the friendly feeling which the Tacoli family give to the house by serving their guests.

The goal of the whole See-Villa team is to make our customers feel as though they are staying with friends.